Styles and mediums

Allen Kent is a self-proclaimed naturalist. He most often renders his subject realistically but with regards to the elements of art. Allen often manipulates an image for the sake of composition and unity but not so drastically that it distorts the form of the original subject matter.

As a Christian artist, Allen's faith carries influence on his style and subject choices. Allen believes that the imagery provided by God is perfect. He feels that attempting to render God's art, which is reality, is the most virtuous form of art.



Show at Oro

- Sep 09, 2005

Show at Oro Gallery on W Broad St for First Friday's Artwalk.


Allen Kent, athlete turned artist, was born in 1981 in Richmond, Virginia (Eastern United States). As a young boy, he played youth baseball and doodled, especially drawing mascots of his favorite sports teams. His fondness for baseball dominated his time and efforts for many years, playing for Douglas Freeman High School, and Virginia Military Institute. At the age of 20, Allen transferred to Methodist College to finish his baseball career and pursue developing his artistic abilities. He began formally studying art, learning many new techniques. His versatility became evident as he progressed from landscapes and still life pieces to portraiture.

Although Allen is Virginia born, he also has close ties to North Carolina, especially the coastal area. His lighthouse series is inspired by his time spent during the summer at the family cottage on Harkers Island, overlooking Cape Lookout. These signed prints were his first experience as a professional artist.

With Allen's naturalistic approach to art, he aspires to continue creating original pieces with a variety of subject matter. His portraiture, ranging from brides, children, and corporate individuals to houses and estates, can be commissioned for any occassion. Interested individuals and businesses are invited to inquire by phone or our contact form.