Gallery/Gift Shop Owners

Allen Kent welcomes retail gift shops and galleries to purchase prints framed and unframed for resale. Have a look at our growing selection prints for those that best fit your gallery or shop. As the future unfolds, Allen will be adding complete series' of prints, focusing primarily on maritime and architectural subjects.

All prints are limited edition giclee prints, and are signed and numbered after careful inspection by Allen himself. High quality acid free archival materials are used for all print runs.

Interested gallery and gift shop representatives should contact us here or by phone.

Currituck from the Willow
Prismacolor pencil, 14 in. X 18 in., edition of 350, The Willow tendrils seen at the top of this work are hanging from a willow tree for which this work was titled, and the tree happens to be victim of a recent hurricane.
Lookout Reflections
Prismacolor pencil, 14in. X 18in., edition of 350, My first of the lighthouse series. I am partial to this lighthouse because Harkerís Island, an island near to Cape Lookout, has been a yearly family vacation spot for more than 50 years.
A.M. at Ocracoke
Prismacolor pencil, 14 in. X 18 in., edition of 350, Ocracoke Island is a beautiful and unique place. Its beaches are known to be amongst the best in the entire United States.
Tranquility After Hatteras Squall
Prismacolor pencil, 14 in. X 18 in., edition of 350, This work was completed before taking collegiate art classes and each of the lighthouse renderings were inspired by my love for the North Carolina Outer Banks.